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The Medication Logbook

Size A5, 100 pages,

Spiral bound book with a clear acetate front and back for protection

The Medication Logbook

SKU: 366615376135191
  • Learning all the different types of medications can be extremely overwhelming. However, it’s something we must learn as we play a crucial role in the safety of medicines management. 

    Our medication workbook helps you to learn all the different types of medications you may come across in your practice. The pages in the book are designed to break down the drug in more detail, to further develop your knowledge and understanding.  

    Learning by writing is known to help you retain the information and it is also a more active way of learning.  


    The section includes: 


    Drug name/Drug Class 

    Indication/Therapeutic use 

    Mechanism of action 

    Contraindication/Side effects 


    Drug Interactions  

    Additional Notes 


Our Mission: 

"To supply you with tools to aid your professional development"


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