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The journey of a IEN named Ana.

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Personal development and career planning support the concept that learning is a lifelong activity and that setting goals can help individuals to achieve career and personal aspirations. Personal development planning helps strengthen the capacity of learners to reflect upon their own learning and achievement and to plan for their own personal, educational and career development; it also motivates them to improve their skills which ultimately supports improvements in the quality of patient care.

Employers should be committed to offering learning and development opportunities for their staff providing access to training to extend individual’s range of skills and knowledge to support their staff in taking on new responsibilities and to support career progression. As part of this process staff should be offered an annual personal development review and a personal development plan should be agreed.

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  • Skills development

  • Goal setting

  • Personal Development planning

  • Annual Appraisal

  • Preceptorship

  • Revalidation


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