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Make reflective journaling a priority 

"Reflection increases your self awareness and allows you to identify your strengths and weaknesses"

Reflection is a crucial element in every nurse and midwifes practice, and a requirement for revalidation.

People usually reflect when something has gone wrong. This happens because you start to think about the event, and what you could have done differently. This can be something like a drug error, a patient’s death or fall. We acknowledge that revisiting challenging clinical experiences can cause psychological stress and discomfort. However, the purpose of reflecting when something has gone wrong is to learn from the experience, and to develop the skills and knowledge to be better equipped in managing or preventing that event from happening again. 


Even though people are more familiar on reflecting when something has gone wrong, reflecting on things that has gone well can often be just as rewarding. This is because it allows you to recognise your practice, boosts confidence and you are more likely to repeat the same practice.  


Use our reflection journal to support you in your practice.  

The innovative design of our products provides a time saving approach to professional revalidation, and a culture change that creates a purpose driven workforce of nurses, midwives and nursing associates.


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